Audit and Assurance

Statutory audit is one of RW's core business activities. It is a statutory requirement under the Malaysian Companies Act, 2016 that a company incorporated in Malaysia has to prepare its financial statements in accordance with applicable approved accounting standards in Malaysia, and has to be audited in accordance with approved standards on auditing in Malaysia. We have knowledgeable, skilled and experienced people who stay abreast of accounting developments and have access to state-of-the-art auditing technology in carrying out our audit effectively and efficiently. It also permits us to consider established facts objectively in arriving at an unbiased audit opinion. Apart from complying with statutory requirements, we encourage clients to turn the legal necessity of audit into a business opportunity by ensuring that the right controls are in place, so business assets are safe from negligent or criminal misappropriation; recommending new ways to strengthen controls; and in general, suggesting new ways for our clients' business to be run more cost effectively.

Our Auditing services include :

  • Statutory audits
  • Non-statutory audits
  • Management and operational audits
  • Internal controls and systems review
  • Review of financial reports
  • Internal audit
  • Agreed upon procedure reports
  • Financial accounting
  • Financial reporting standards


We appreciate and understand the technicalities and legalities involved in assessing clients tax situations to obtain maximum tax benefit and relief. We will also take care of routine tax compliance work as well as advice on specific tax issues that may be required on an ad hoc basis. As your tax consultants, we provide value-added and client-centric tax services that help address your tax concerns be it complying with filing requirements or strategic planning to reduce your tax liabilities. During the tax audits and investigations by the Inland Revenue Board (IRB), we are able to guide the clients through the process and to provide them with professional tax audit representation to safeguard their position. We also offer tax review and audit services to detect any potential problems and complications which may arise from an official tax audit by the IRB.

Our Tax services include :

  • Strategic tax planning
  • Corporate taxation
  • Individual taxation
  • Tax compliance
  • Liaison with the Inland Revenue Board
  • Tax incentive applications
  • Tax due diligence review
  • Tax audits and investigations
  • Indirect taxation
  • Transfer pricing

The Transfer Pricing Guidelines issued by the tax authorities seek to provide taxpayers with information on the relevant existing domestic legislation, methodologies that can be used in determining arm's length price and administrative regulations including the type of records and documentation expected from taxpayers involved in transfer pricing arrangements.

Our transfer pricing services include:

  • Undertaking a transfer pricing study to determine whether the transfer prices in the related party transactions meet the arm's length standard for Malaysian transfer pricing purposes
  • Benchmarking exercise
  • Representing our clients to defend their transfer pricing policy and the financial result of a related party transaction in the event of a transfer pricing audit
  • International tax planning through effective transfer pricing techniques

Sales & Service tax (SST)

With the repeal of the SST Act from 01 September 2018, business are now regulated by the Sales & Services Tax Act 2018 (SST). We have an experienced team to assist your organisation.

Our SST services include:

  • Review of the SST-02 and relevant reports prior to submission
  • To access risk and ensure compliance
  • SST training and continuous updates


Winding up is a process in which the existence of a company is brought to an end, where assets of a company are collected and realised. The proceeds collected are used to discharge the company’s debts and liabilities and the remaining balance (if any) will be is distributed amongst the contributories according to their entitlement.

There are 2 modes of winding up:

  • Voluntary winding up; and
  • Winding up by Court
Our qualified team of liquidators are well equipped to complete the liquidation task in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Corporate Services

The Companies Act sets out an extensive array of duties, responsibilities and guidelines for administration of company affairs.

Our services include :

  • Incorporation of companies or shelf companies
  • Registration of business, regional or representative office
  • Company secretarial services
  • Liquidation and winding up
  • Special investigations


Our accounting services to cater for sole proprietors, partnerships, companies and cooperatives. Your business transactions will be updated and posted into the Accounting System and we will prepare the Management Accounts for your review and analyse in order for you to take a right and proper business decision which will also assist you in your tax planning. Our team is well experienced to handle SST accounting for monthly and quarterly reporting using Customs approved accounting software.

Technical Training

  • We provide workshops on the changes in the accounting standards and SST.
  • We conduct courses tailored to the clients' industry.
  • We provide workshops and seminars on accounting standards and SST.
  • Our trainers have vast experience in handling internal and external courses for various industries.
  • We can provide training to clients tailored to their needs.


Our team is well equipped with the government regulations on the labour requirement in respect of salaries and other remunerations enjoyed by your staff.

Once appointed, we will liaise with your personnel to establish the cut off period and documentation and information flow to ensure a complete, accurate and timely payroll cycle.